Confessions Of Two Sales Guys – What Are Common Sales Objections

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Marketing Comics Sales Objections

Not everyone wants to be locked into a contract, even if it costs less than paying month-to-month. The prospect may cite lack of interest in a long-term commitment, or they may just be dragging their feet on next steps. Ask them exactly what they’re

Customers who insist on talking to their team before buying from you are likely just procrastinating and want to hold off on making a decision. Or, they may not be the actual decision makers in the first place, and are the wrong people to talk to. This is the time to get a new strategy in play. For starters, find out what their team is looking for, and ask for a lunch meeting to explore things further.
For managers: Follow through on the efforts of your salesperson by finding out who the decision makers really are and asking for a meeting. Even if they decline your invitation to meet, you have their information in hand and a better idea of who to address directly during the next sales round so you can work through their objections and close the sale.

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